Straight Wives, Shattered Lives Volume 2

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Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed. is an internationally acclaimed counseling expert and author in the field of straight/gay marriages. Her first Straight Wives: Shattered Lives book, released in 2006, received wonderful reviews from women around the world who felt connected to the 27 women from five different continents who told their stories about their marriages to a gay/bisexual husband. This new book explores the lives of 22 additional women who are part of Kaye's support group from the United States, Canada, England, and Australia. Their heartbreaking stories tell about their marriages to gay/bisexual husbands and the debilitating effects that resulted when they learned the truth about why their marriages were failing. These stories tell how these women's lives were shattered through unknowingly marrying a gay man and how they are finding the strength to make themselves whole again after this experience.



Binding / Paperback: 238 pages

Publish Date: 28 August 2011