Streets Are Calling: A Lost Soul

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TAH and his mans, PHENOM and CHAMP, are trying hard to remain on their deen and walk a righteous path with Islam as their guide, but THE STREETS ARE CALLING.

When the addictive lure of money, sex and drugs becomes too powerful for the friends to resist, they take to the streets of Newark, New Jersey with their guns cocked and locked, and their aspirations to get rich at the forefront of their minds. One good lick puts them on the fast track to prosperity. But SOO and his murderous clique might\'ve been the wrong crew to touch.

With a deadly kingpin stalking their every move, determined to avenge his loss and the long hands of the law grabbing at them, can Tah and his homies dodge the penitentiary and the grave? If they do, will the wrath of Allah come raining down on them? Or can they truly escape the game unscathed?