Strictly Pimping 3

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"Strictly Pimping 3 is an urban novel based on a trues story about one of the most notorious PIMPS in the game. Goldmouth the gifted and skillful hustler from Memphis, Tennessee set out on a mission to make a million dollars by managing prostitutes. while on his cross country journey to expand his wealth with his prostitutes he suddenly lost focus. Once Goldmouth began to gross 100K a month, he forgot about his goals and plans, which caused his lavish lifestyle to quickly turn him into a product of his environment. Goldmouth definitely became blinded by the fame and the recognition that he was receiving worldwide. While Goldmouth traveled across the country on his road to riches, he recruited several prostitutes to assist him with his mission. His arrogant, cocky and nonchalant attitude caused him to develop plenty of enemies along his journey. Goldmouth left a particular individual vengeful and determined to bring his career to an end. Will the foe be able to destroy the notorious Pimp's career or will he gain knowledge of the life threatening ordeal before its too late...

Binding / Paperback: 466 pages

Publish Date: December 31, 2013