Superlearning 3000: learning made simple

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Superlearning 3000: learning made simple is the Revised edition of the original Superlearning 2000 published in 1993 with 17 illustrations by Kadir Nelson. This was Kadir Nelson's first illustrated book. Superlearning 3000: learning made simple helps you to learn with ease with your talents, your purpose and your geniuses in mind. When you know your purpose and choose to use your genius to live, work and play; learning becomes exciting, interesting and engaging. This is a beginner's guide to learning how to use your right-brain and your left-brain in peace, therefore how to learn through your heart. This system of learning includes: Conscious breathing to you relaxed system of learning; Building self-esteem with your values; Conscious breathing to your long term memory; Life in balance with visual goal setting; Note taking using mind mapping; Pre-reading, speed-seeing, speed-reading; Sleep incubation study; Test-taking with relaxed recall; Healthy snacks for learning; 60 hearts beats per minute music. From the classroom to the boardroom, young or old, rich or poor, Superlearning 3000 process helps to prepare the children for an entertaining and informative learning experience to get to the 3rd Millennium. Enjoy my son, Kadir Nelson's artistic expression of this powerful learning message. Enjoy

Author: Kadir Nelson, Emily Diane Gunter
Publisher: Urgentpress
Published: 01/03/2014
Pages: 142
Binding Type: Paperback
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Size: 7.99h x 5.00w x 0.30d
ISBN13: 9780976714934
ISBN10: 0976714930
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- Self-Help | General

About the Author
Emily Diane Gunter is the Founder of the Rites of Passage Youth Empowerment Foundation dedicated to the cultural and learning empowerment for all people. Emily is also an inspirational motivational speaker whose message is mild but filled with a quality of love, beauty, wisdom and strength. Emily traveled to Egypt where she lectured before representatives from seven Egyptian Universities. She has toured officiating over the Rites of Passage Youth Empowerment Retreats in the USA, France and UK. Emily also facilitates Elder Certification Retreats for communities interested in starting their own Rites of Passage Youth Empowerment Programs in schools, churches and community centers. Emily's tours feature the Seven Path Labyrinth for Playing and Learning Enhancements into the school teaching environment to enhance the academic and physical achievement potential. The foundation of all Emily's work is "The Power of Your Breath for Balance Lifelong Learning" since 1966 at American University. Emily has trekked in the Himalayan Mountains of India, Tibet and Nepal while writing her books. She is the author of Rites Of Passage to Spiritual Enlightenment-Living with Compassion, Superlearning 3000: learning made simple, which promotes proactive learning through relaxed breathing and has 17 illustrations by Kadir Nelson. Emily's book, "Thirteen Golden Keys to Learning: A Spiritual Journey", (c)2005 is super learning with a touch of the spirit from within. Emily taught Life and Learning Empowerment through relaxed breathing to 15,000 clients of San Diego County Dept. of Social Work. She was a mathematics adjunct faculty member of Grossmont College when she was inspired to write her Superlearning book for her students who were failing math. Emily was the 2005 Keynote Speaker for the Defense Department Accounting Services/Air Force Worldwide Conference. Emily is now the Director of Building Literacy Through Arts and Culture for Urgent, Inc. Emily received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematical Statistics from American University, Washington, D. C., in 1970 where she taught mathematics as an adjunct faculty member. Emily retired from Pacific Bell in San Diego in 1993 as a Telecommunications Engineer. Emily is listed in: Who's Who in Mathematic and Science Who's Who of Emerging Leader in America Who's Who of American Women Who's Who in Finance and Industry Who's Who in the World

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