SWEAR a Blue Streak: Adult Coloring Book of Swear Words

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Irreverent Stress-Relieving SWEAR WORD Adult Coloring Book!
Work out your stress on dozens of inappropriate curse words. Coloring Pages designed for ADULTS! A relaxing, hilarious way to let off some steam. Free your inner artist with this creative outlet-it\'s calming, soothing, and great Anti-Stress Therapy. The floral pictures and smiling adorable animals are an amusing contrast to the cuss words that are incorporated into every picture. Wishing you could tell off your boss, neighbor or significant other? Channel that stress in a constructive way, with a coloring picture that sums up everything you\'re feeling!
This coloring book features:
  • Tips Page: with helpful hints to get the best results with a variety of coloring tools
  • Smooth white paper so you can use almost any coloring tool IF you follow the tips page (colored pencils, markers, gel pens, crayons, etc.)
  • Generous 8\"x10\" pages, the perfect size for framing finished art
  • Single-sided pages
  • 26 Designs (which include flowers, cute animals, butterflies, etc.) with 26 naughty words (listed below)
  • Variety of images, from intricate to simple, to fit every skill level and mood

Makes a great gift for colorists or a \"gag gift\" for your potty-mouthed friends!
Naughty Words Included in this Coloring Book: (Words are UNcensored in the book.)
  • A--hat
  • A--hole
  • A--wipe
  • Bastard
  • Bitch
  • Bullsh-t
  • C-cks-cker
  • Crap
  • C-nt
  • Damn
  • D-ckhead
  • Dipsh-t
  • Douche Bag
  • Dumba--
  • F-ck
  • F-ckwit
  • Jacka--
  • Motherf-ck-r
  • Numbnuts
  • Peckerhead
  • Pencil D-ck
  • Piss Off!
  • P-ssy
  • Sh-t Eater
  • Sucka--
  • Twat