Swingers III and IV

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In his busy studio or in the quiet of the Hertfordshire countryside, ace photographer Brian Lipman is never without a luscious model in tow, and sometimes he even takes a few pictures after the pretty girl has shed all her inhibitions along with her clothes. For this is life in swinging London of the mid-1960s and Brian's friend, young Ivor Belling of Cable Publicity, finds himself called upon to lend a hand when asked to help satisfy the demands of Lipman's lustful females. Soon they're invited to Glasgow by a bevy of uninhibited Scottish beauties and find themselves participants in some thrillingly uninhibited Highland Games. And Ivor and Brian must also take into account the needs of the Churchmill Model Agency girls -- but is their equipment up to the challenge? This is the latest installment in the sexy Swingers series.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 368 pages

Publish Date: May 30, 2005