The Dividend Investing Blueprint

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Has the thought of early retirement and creating passive income been something you\'ve always thought about, but lack of money, time, and business experience put you off?

If this sounds like you, then don\'t worry, you\'re not alone.

You see, like most people, we often chase that quick and easy money. But the problem with this is, it just simply doesn\'t exist. This is one of the main reasons why Around 80% of Americans today live pay check to pay check all because of the lack of knowledge on how to invest.

When it comes to investing, the stock market is one of the best ways to grow long term wealth simply because of its hands off passive nature, unlike many other financial vehicles out there that tend to require a lot more time and effort, often like having a second job.

All this being said, going into the stock market uneducated for the first time will only lead yourself into financial suicide. But this is where \"The Dividend Investing Blue Print\" can help.

Here\'s a tiny fraction of what you\'ll discover inside:

  • What Most People don\'t tell you when it comes to Dividend Investing
  • The Crucial 5 Steps to developing an investors mindset
  • 31 Essential Stock Market Terminologies You need to be familiar with
  • The Only Formula You will ever need to identify profitable Dividends
  • 4 Simple Steps to diversify your portfolio for the long term
  • Learn the Warren Buffet approach to picking good stocks

.....and much more.

So, regardless of your age, if you\'re looking to improve your financial future, and want more than just a basic salary and pension, then why not invest in yourself today by simply just scrolling up and giving this book a try today?

Binding / Paperback: 210 pages

Publish Date: August 13, 2019