The Night the Music Died

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Another exciting investigation has Henry thrown into the depths of a mystery surrounding a woman from his past...

Local musician Bonnie Chapman’s husband shows up at Henry’s door and wants him to investigate her untimely death. With a blank check in-hand, he’ll pay anything for the answer. But before Henry agrees to the case, he has questions of his own he needs answered.

Although, with rent coming due, he knows he’s not in much of a position to refuse another client…

With his partner Alex by his side, the two dig into the case. It doesn’t take them long to reveal a handful of suspects...each with something to gain from Bonnie’s death.

Her so-called manager used Bonnie to get his flailing business off the ground. And a backup singer from her band had her eyes on center stage from the very beginning. Not to mention, Bonnie’s husband might’ve been right when he said he feared she hadn’t been faithful.

The truth is, the investigation starts to look easy. But that’s part of the problem...

Everything takes a turn in the wrong direction. Henry struggles as he faces an unexpected threat. And with the investigation in jeopardy, it’s up to Alex to protect him without losing more ground in the case.

But he’s stubborn as a mule. And he refuses to let his dire circumstances get in the way. Even if it means his own life will be in jeopardy...

Binding / Paperback: 263 pages

Publish Date: February 19, 2020