The Poker Blueprint: Advanced Strategies for Crushing Micro & Small Stakes NL

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From the man who literally CREATED the poker ebook market and its poster child, Let There Be Range (a two-thousand dollar poker manual for high-stakes poker professionals), The Poker Blueprint provides the infrastructure for micro- and small-stakes players to build their game on. It also offer advanced strategies that are vital to crushing today's online short-handed games up to 100NL.


- How to win pots without premium holdings ... Secrets revealed on page 97

- How to crush your opponents using this simple tactic ... See page 177

- How to increase your win-rate with a tiny adjustment to your game ... Go to page 184

- How to be the best player at your table the moment you sit down ... See page 14 immediately

- How to bluff big and gets rewarded for it ... Read page 235

- How to deal with downswings without stressing yourself ... Read page 238

- How to calculate odds on the fly ... Go to Page 34

- How Tri becomes a self-made millionaire through playing poker ... Secrets revealed on Page 20

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are more than 50 advanced tactics covered, all proven to work under the Las Vegas bright lights, the New York underground games, the internet, the college dorms, the kitchen home games, and anywhere you can think of

You don't need advanced math or a high IQ to crush poker.

You need the right strategies and that's exactly what The Poker Blueprint delivers.

Order today. Our winning circle awaits you

Author: Aaron Davis, Tri Nguyen
Publisher: Dailyvariance Publishing, LLC
Published: 02/15/2010
Pages: 262
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.78lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.55d
ISBN13: 9780982402238
ISBN10: 0982402236
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About the Author
Highly successful online poker professional Tri 'SlowHabit' Nguyen turned his loves of poker and education into a notable coaching career, drawing praise for his ability to explain complex poker concepts in simple, easy to understand terms. These skills transitioned well into writing and he soon found himself teamed up with fellow online star Cole South - a collaboration that resulted in the high-level no limit Hold'em breakthrough, Let There be Range. Nguyen is also the author of The No Limit Holdem Workbook: Exploiting Regulars. Additionally, Nguyen has written extensively on Omaha and his The Pot-Limit Omaha Book: Transitioning from NLHE to PLO is frequently prescribed to Hold'em players looking to crush small- and mid-stakes PLO. The sequel, Advanced PLO Play, is for PLO specialists looking to increase their edge against other PLO regulars. A graduate in computer science and education from UC-Berkeley, Nguyen is a regular strategy column contributor to Card Player magazine and a prolific blogger at

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