The Super Six Workout

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The Super Six Workout Program Are you frustrated with your lack of muscle-building progress? Are you confused about which exercises you should be performing? Do you admire and aspire to the sort of physiques that epitomized the golden era of natural bodybuilding? Do you want to look strong and be strong? If so, the Super Six Workout Program is for you! The Super Six Workout Program goes back to the tried-and-tested methods of yesteryear and focuses on the ultimate muscle and strength training tool; the barbell. Unlike all too many popular strength and muscle building programs, the Super Six Workout Program is simple to follow, requires minimal training time, contains no fads or pseudo-science and, requires no exotic exercise equipment and, above all, will deliver the results you have always wanted. In the Super Six Workout Program you will learn why you don’t need to do lots of different exercises to build muscle and that, in fact, there are a small handful of exercise that will help you get results faster than ever before. You’ll discover the best exercises for building… • Strong, powerful legs • Big, broad shoulders • A deep, impressive chest • A broad, thick, injury-proof back • Arms that are as strong as they look Every exercise is accompanied by very detailed explanations so that you’ll know exactly how to perform each one using perfect muscle-building technique and with virtually no risk of injury. There are also loads of insider that will teach you how to tweak each exercise so it suits your individual morphology and body type perfectly. The Super Six Workout Program also includes plenty of adaptions and alternative for each of the Super Six exercises so that you can choose different versions of the exercises according to your needs, wants, level of experience and current ability. For example, if you can’t do chin-ups, you’ll discover strategies getting your first unassisted rep; this ain’t no cookie-cutter program! All too man exercisers waste years of effort on exercises and programs that simply do not work. If you want to break away from the crowd and build muscle and strength as effectively and efficiently as possible, the Super Six Workout Program is just what you need. No fluff, no fillers, no fads and no BS – this is how you should train if you want great results.

Author Name: Scott Oteri
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publish Date: May 23, 2015
Pages: 62
Binding Type: Paperback
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Size: 6 x 0.14 x 9 inches
ISBN Number 13: 978-1512336771
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