The True History of Allah and His 5%

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This book is based on the true history of Allah "the Father" and His great Nation of Gods and Earths known as the Five Percenters. This is the greatest story that was never told by the Gods and the Earths during their younger years with Allah "the Father" from the early 1960s up until the time of his assassination on June 13, 1969.

This was a time of struggle for the Black Man, Woman, and Child (the Universal Family). This was the time of "the Big Five", who were: Allah "the Father", who brought about the Nation of Gods and Earths known as the Five Percenters; the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who was the last and greatest messenger of Allah, also the leader and teacher of the Black Muslims; Malcolm X of the new arrival; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the civil rights leader; and the Black Panther Party on the East and West coasts. These five groups were called the Big Five, because they had the attention of every Black Man, Woman, and Child in the wilderness of North America and other parts of our planet.

There was a host of other Black groups as well. This was a time when the Five Percenter's teachings were being taught/spoken so plain and simple that even a child could understand. Black people were on the rise, and it was a time for a change-for Black Man, Woman, and Child to take their place on earth. Peace!

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Publish Date: March 16, 2019

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