The Wives We Play

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“Briana Cole takes her characters through hell in this book. And this is just exactly what the readers will enjoy! Drama, drama, drama!”
—Cydney Rax, author of A Sister’s Survival

Marriage can be a dangerous game . . .

Kimera Davis finds comfort in dating married men. It’s easier that way. Her needs are taken care of and she doesn’t have to give more of herself than she wants to. No messy feelings involved. But when the man she’s seeing poses an unexpected question, Kimera quickly realizes that she’s not the only woman pulled in by his charm.

Their new arrangement doesn’t require much from Kimera, but she soon discovers that someone else is pulling the strings. She’s not looking for complications, yet she can’t help feeling that there’s something devious at play.

And the truth is more complicated than she could ever imagine . . .

Book 1 in the Unconditional series

“Tempestuous, gripping, and downright salacious! Briana Cole explores the complexities of love while twirling on the razor’s edge of twisted betrayals. A phenomenal, cinematically written debut!” —N’Tyse, bestselling author

“Loaded with suspense and drama, The Wives We Play will have you on an emotional high and excited to see how it ends. It’s outstandingly intriguing, entertaining, and a page turner in my book!” —Anna Black, bestselling author of The Perfect Love Storm

Binding / Paperback: 288 pages

Publish Date: December 18, 2018