Thriftology 102: Make Money Flipping Blazers, Sports Coats & Sui

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Thriftology 102: Make Money Flipping Blazers, Sports Coats & Suits At Thrift Store Prices For Retail Profits You\'re about to discover the JOY and EXCITEMENT of the hunt. The online reselling business is a booming industry and with the economy today, it is a welcome source of additional income. Although there is a variety of merchandise to resell, blazers, coats and suits are proving to be one the most lucrative. If hunting for that great deal in the thrift store, getting the thrill of the sale and negotiating with suppliers and customers alike are your interest; this business is definitely for you. Welcome to Thriftology 102 By reading Thriftology 102, you will learn: Discover Fashion Thrifting & Reselling Understand Your Merchandise Deciding What To Buy Where To Sell Your Items Avoiding Common Mistakes 50 Profitable Brands 6 Profitable Selling Points How To Take Fantastic Pictures & Make Amazing Listings How to take amazing listings Most Cost Effective Shipping Method This guide will present you with step by step information on how to start, source, run, manage and ultimately grow and expand your reselling business.