Trap Stars

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Trap Stars

Contributor(s): Shelly III, Wilford (Author)
ISBN: 1719023409 EAN: 9781719023405
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
US SRP: $15.00 US
Binding: Paperback: 396 pages
Pub Date: May 10, 2018

Annotation: Atlanta’s #1 Trap Star, Jewelz, along with his longtime friend, Envy, attempt to rise to the top of ATL’s drug game. Jewelz comes across an offer that he can’t refuse from a Colombian drug Overlord, that’s closer to Jewelz than he knows. Jewelz now needs to fortify his Trap Star team to handle the new surplus of coke.

Luckily, Envy’s trigger happy twin cousins (Nina & Nia) from Cali, are enroute to the ‘A’ in dire need of a place to lay low. With his now stronger Trap Star team, Jewelz vow to become the ‘King of the South. ‘But as Biggie said, ‘Mo money, mo problems.’ Hate is around every corner.

Can Jewelz keep it together in the streets and keep his high school sweetheart, (one of Atlanta’s best lawyers) Jada, happy even with his new rise to power? Because with more power comes more responsibility. What about Georgia’s , hottest stripper. What role will Sugar play in all of this?

With a Go Getter attitude and an ass to match, she dreams of becoming the ‘Queen of the South’ but to what length will she go to obtain her goal? Let’s not forget about the FEDs…..

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