Ultimate Sacrifice II: Love Is Pain

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As blood spills from his body and pools beneath him, Luther Khadafi Fuller believes he is taking his last breath after being stabbed in the Beaumont Penitentiary. But he is wrong. It isn\'t his day to die. Over time his wounds heal, but his heart is forever scarred. The man who has made the Ultimate Sacrifice for him has tried to take his life. One year later and back on the streets, Khadafi wants nothing more than to punish the two men responsible for his near demise, Tony Coleman and Ameen. Charles Lil\' Cee Gooding is suspected of snitching on his men about a murder that happened in the shower room in a Beaumont Pen. The truth is he never told a soul about the murder. As a result of that suspicion, his mother and three-year-old sister pay the ultimate price with their lives. Newly released from prison, Lil\' Cee is determined to exact revenge on the one man left that he knows killed his family . . . Khadafi. Rakemie \"Kemie\" Bryant loves Khadafi with all her heart, but a secret from her past resurfaces and it is about to change all of their lives forever, in this ULTIMATE SACRIFICE II.