Uncomplicating Algebra to Meet Common Core Standards in Math, K-

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Professional developer Marian Small shows teachers how to uncomplicate the teaching of algebra by focusing on the most important ideas that students need to grasp. Organized by grade level around the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Small shares approaches that will lead to a deeper and richer understanding of algebra for both teachers and students. The book opens with a clear discussion of algebraic thinking and current requirements for algebraic understanding within standards-based learning environments. The book then launches with kindergarten, where the first relevant standard is found in the operations and algebraic thinking domain, and ends with grade 8, where the focus is on working with linear equations and functions. In each section the relevant standard is presented, followed by a discussion of important underlying ideas associated with that standard, as well as thoughtful, concept-based questions that can be used for classroom instruction, practice, or assessment. Underlying ideas include:

  • Background to the mathematics of each relevant standard.
  • Suggestions for appropriate representations for specific mathematical ideas.
  • Suggestions for explaining ideas to students.
  • Cautions about misconceptions or situations to avoid.

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics challenges students to become mathematical thinkers, not just mathematical \"doers.\" This resource will be invaluable for pre- and inservice teachers as they prepare themselves to understand and teach algebra with a deep level of understanding.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Visit Marian Small\'s website onetwoinfinity.ca for in-person and online professional development.