Understanding Gnosis: Inside and Outside the Gnostic Gospels

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What is gnosis? Why should you care? Since a collection of ancient manuscripts known as The Gnostic Gospels was discovered at Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945, gnosis has become a popular spiritual subject. But like many other fashionable topics, it has been manipulated, misused and misunderstood. Many mistakenly assume that gnosis is merely an unconventional interpretation of Jesus' teachings, while others associate it with a myriad of New Age or esoteric practices. But what if gnosis is actually a time-tested key that opens the door to infinite wisdom? What if it can answer life's deepest questions such as: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? Is this life all there is? What is truth? Is there a God? Can I know God? Let recent discoveries in quantum science and the wisdom of spiritual masters demonstrate that not only do you deserve the answers to these questions; gnosis can make them available to you.

Author: Steven Hager, Lee Hager
Publisher: Oroborus Books
Published: 11/06/2015
Pages: 422
Binding Type: Paperback
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Size: 7.99h x 5.00w x 0.94d
ISBN13: 9780978526191
ISBN10: 0978526198
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- Religion | Spirituality

About the Author
Lee and Steven Hager are the authors of several books exploring the dynamic synergy of quantum physics, gnosis and the perennial philosophy. Since childhood, Lee and Steven were determined to know Ultimate Reality. They spent over 25 years as dedicated Christian teachers, but never felt directly connected to Source. Their many questions eventually led to excommunication and a renewed determination to know God. They persisted in their search for several years, but kept finding the same disappointing answers. Frustrated by severe chronic illnesses, family and financial problems, they made a suicide pact. Before carrying it out they prayed one last time, but this prayer, and the result, was unimaginably different than anything they had expected or experienced before. Their work draws on their own gnosis and on the wisdom of a wide variety of spiritual masters whose teachings on transcendence and higher consciousness are now supported by quantum research.

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