War 3

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And the drama continues… After fleeing from Baltimore to protect his family from the aftermath of killing his best friend, Mason Louisville, Banks Wales believes the first part of his troubles is over. He's deathly wrong. Having arrived on the luxurious Wales Island, it becomes painfully obvious that Bet is changing for the worst. As she dwells on the fact that Harris is imprisoned and that Minnie has gone missing, her mind unravels in a way that shocks her family to the core. Banks finds her mood swings weak and as a result, questions the strength of their marriage. Add to his problem, the mysterious Nunez family whom he has entrusted to take care of his loved ones. This seedy bunch definitely has ulterior motives. Not to be outdone, The Louisville clan has their fair share of issues when Jersey realizes she has traded the demon for the devil himself. After reconnecting with her foster brother for safety from Banks, she feels pressured when he uses his powers to separate her from her sons, in an attempt to have her for himself. Just when the families can't get more weighed down with the pressures of the world, some devastating news puts the Wales and Louisville families on a collision course, which is bound to end in blood. War 3 is the most revealing of the series! Miss this at your own risk! We dare you!

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 316 pages

Publish Date: February 23, 2019