When the Wolf is at the Door: The Simplicity of Healing

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We have all heard that the truth shall make us free. We have all longed for that freedom from suffering and tragedy. Many have actively pursued what the truth actually is and many have found the answers they sought. Yet, we often find ourselves confused as to how to apply the understandings we have achieved. "Now that I know, how do I use that knowledge to find lasting freedom? What are my responsibilities? Are they difficult? Can I hope to reach the goal of health, harmony and happiness?" I have found those answers to be as near as the heart that beats within us. And equally as simple to understand. This, then, is a path of healing. Whether it is yourself you seek to heal, or another for whom you pray. It is a path so simple we have missed it as we sought through the maze of religious traditions and man-made doctrines. Let the Spirit and Love of God take you by the hand as you read through these pages, and let Him lead you to freedom and safety

Author: Melissa Raymond, Michele Longo O'Donnell
Publisher: La Vida Press
Published: 11/02/2010
Pages: 192
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About the Author
Michele Longo O'Donnell is a health care provider, minister and spiritual counselor. In 1965 Michele became a registered nurse and went on to complete two years of undergraduate work at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. There she devoted several years to the pediatric intensive care, emergency room and coronary care units. After the healing of her second daughter from mental retardation, she left medicine to attend a Bible college. During the three years there, she was responsible for the healthcare of the 300 students. In 1973 Michele moved to San Antonio, Texas. A combination of life experiences led Michele to a belief in holistic treatment for disease related suffering. In 1975 she started the first metabolic holistic clinic for the treatment of degenerative diseases in San Antonio. This clinic today combines spiritual and emotional healing with physical and metabolic treatment. During the past 30 years of treating patients Michele has recognized that there are principles of Life, that when understood and practiced, result in healing, no matter what the disease or symptoms. In 1999, Michele wrote her first book, "OF MONKEYS AND DRAGONS: FREEDOM FROM THE TYRANNY OF DISEASE", outlining the life principles for healing. She shared her experiences with the hope that readers everywhere might understand the possibility of living without disease. As a result of the response to this book and a desire for a more in-depth explanation of these principles, Michele wrote a second book, "THE GOD THAT WE'VE CREATED: THE BASIC CAUSE OF ALL DISEASE". This writing explains her belief that we were never intended by our Creator to live with pain, misery and tears. Further it states that disease and suffering is a learned experience and therefore can be un-learned. Michele then published her third book, "WHEN THE WOLF IS AT THE DOOR: THE SIMPLICITY OF HEALING". "WHEN THE WOLF IS AT THE DOOR" is a "how-to" book for anyone wanting to live in a state of healing and wholeness on a constant basis. It emphasizes how to heal yourself from "dis-ease", whether that dis-ease is physical, emotional, relational, financial or whatever. It is an instruction manual for living in freedom! Today, Michele O'Donnell is in demand as an inspirational speaker traveling throughout the world. Michele is the host of a radio show called LIVING BEYOND DISEASE, currently heard on stations in Texas, Florida, the Eastern seaboard of the United States, Canada, and worldwide on Internet radio. In addition, Michele hosts an annual retreat in the beautiful Texas Hill Country the last weekend of each February and regional retreats on spirituality and healing in various locations throughout the United States.

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