Wife Wants Two Women

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In Volume 3 of the Wife Wants a Woman adult erotica book series, our story wastes no time as it picks up at the cliff-hanger where Volume 2 (Wife Wants a Woman Again) left off. We continue to take a private peek into the married life of Ashley Brayton from a private front-row seat, as she continues her indulgence of guilty-pleasures with her beautiful neighbor, Jordyn, who unexpectedly introduces Ashley to her first all-girl threesome. But as Ashley’s feelings begin growing rapidly stronger for Jill – an energetic open-minded beauty; full of new ideas - the sexual chemistry they share for one another reaches a new level when they develop an intimate emotional connection to go along with it. And just as Ashley fully accepts the fact that her marriage to Mark has been seriously lacking and she becomes comfortable with keeping secrets from him; believing that it’s the only possible way for her to find complete satisfaction without hurting him, he throws her an unexpected curve-ball that has her second guessing her conclusions and rethinking her prior perception of their marriage as she is told about an entirely new type of lifestyle that plants the had never imagined she would ever consider … until now.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 228 pages

Publish Date: October 3, 2015