Yayo: The beginning

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Riot, street millionaire, is the king of his city, Memphis, TN. He has it all, cars, jewelry, women, and more money than ten vaults can hold. Riot feels as his life can\'t get any better. He is feared by all so no one is dumb enough to try him. One night at the club and his whole life changes. Will meeting the love of his life cause him to become a target in the streets? Dona has a simple life, social worker by day, bottle girl by night. Dona was raised to work hard and play later. Because of her hidden demons, she choose to not date and to focus on what is most important, the sack. Dona finally gets what she has been missing, but can her simple life handle being flipped upside down? Will her new life cause her demons to emerge? Kaydence is a thriving hairstylist and social media is who she owes her success too. Being young, successful, and beautiful still doesn\'t land her what she really wants, and that is her OWN man. After playing side chick to another woman\'s husband for so long, the perfect man finally falls into her lap. Although Kay prayed for her own man, can she accept what comes with dating a man in the streets? Will all her karma from being a side chick destroy her relationship? Young Kae is everything women love, young, funny, handsome, and rich. Every good girl wants a bad boy, and Young Kae puts the B in BAD. Young Kae finally meets the perfect woman who can put his rude behavior in check, but he has one problem. He refuses to commit. Kaeson wants to be single but he does not want to lose the woman in his life. He comes up with a way to keep his woman and his side chicks. Will his plans backfire? Osha was born and raised in Jamaica. He traded in his billionaire lifestsyle on the island for a roach infested apartment in Memphis, when he decided to take his father\'s life as an adolescence. He made his way from the trenches to the top when he decided to do Riot and Young Kae. He is holding a secret from his new business partners though. Will they forgive him? Or will they look at him as a snake and go to war with him? A buried past decides to rise and destroy Osha\'s new perfect life. The thing is, because of the secret, the past will not only hurt Osha, but Young Kae and Riot as well. Kamaria is a spoiled little princess. Her brother Young Kae puts her on the highest pedestal. She is pursuing a nursing degree and her brother takes pride in knowing he raised her up right being that there mother is serving a ten-year sentence in the FEDS due to multiple drug charges. Kammy doesn\'t have mommy issues but the life that her brother so desperately wants to stay away from, she ends up getting wrapped up in. Good girls love bad boys, but will loving a bad boy cost Kammy her life?

Binding / Paperback: 200 pages

Publish Date: December 11, 2017