You and I

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In a world where most stories are told to you in the third person point of view, You and I flips the script and puts you in the shoes of the author and her partner. These first person-written lesbian short stories will make you feel like you are truly a part of what you have read. They are told in such a way that anyone can see themselves in the scenarios. Depending on your imagination, you can have experiences as if you are with the author or as if you are the author. If you want to have an interactive experience, you and your partner can read them aloud to each other. One night, you could be having your first lesbian experience in a friend's house, and the next night, you could be meeting someone in a club to release a little frustration. You could be going for a weekend of camping with your partner, or you could be headed to meet up with a new friend for a much-needed vacation. No matter your experience or taste, there is a story written just for you. Each story has its own personality and feel to it. They are written with very little personal details like names and physical descriptions for the sole purpose of allowing anyone to imagine themselves in the stories. "I read them slow because I don't want to miss a detail! They are amazing and so freaking intense! Your short stories actually turn me on! It is the most exotic experiences in each story, and I can't explain it, but I can't stop reading" (BB, Illinois).

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 146 pages

Publish Date: July 8, 2019