Allah is not a God: Alllaah Is The Supreme Being

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The forward of this book consist of a series of questions answered by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1947 concerning the whys and wherefores behind the statement he made about the fulfillment of the production and coming of the Divine Supreme Being whose proper name is Allah. God is using His signature 19 to bring forth the end of the world order, under white authority's 6,000 year rule of warfare. In this book, "Allah is not a God: Alllaah is the Divine Supreme Being", you'll be provided sound information to study why Allah is not a deity or none living being. In the mind of billions of Muslims, the "letters" A L L A H represent Allah as if the letters equal the God. However, this book demonstrates why Alllah does not live merely in the form of letters, He is the true life form that is a living being composed of atom cells, human flesh and bones. This book is written in support of an Ancient truth concerning the people of God (Allah) and the people of the devil. “The Black man must be awakened to the knowledge of self -- that he is not what the white race has taught him to be. He must come out of this hopeless state. He thinks he is worthless. He should be brought into a state of worthiness and the knowledge and reality of his great place into which Allah, (God) in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, will put him. He is to place him on top and not the bottom -- because the bottom is where he is today -- and make him no more the tail, but the head. He is to become the head of civilization of the new world or new heaven or earth. He is not to rule over this people, but he is to be the ruler of self, after the rule of the Caucasian, wicked world." --Elijah Muhammad--Essentially, the Black man is God because he is directly connected to God by atoms cells, human flesh, blood and bones.

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Publish Date: 22 September 2012