Ask Me Anything: Letters from Farang

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What happens when lonely, horny, desperate, culturally inexperienced men from all parts of the globe travel to the world's largest adult playground?

In a perfect world, the men get laid, the women get paid and everyone goes home happy. In Thailand though, where women are willing to provide the girlfriend experience and copious sex for the price of a cheap shirt, it pays to tread carefully. A man quickly can lose touch with reality, forgetting these pseudo-relationships are business arrangements lasting only as long as there is money or until their woman believes her cash cow is milked dry.

In late 2012, Scott Mallon lost his job working with a boxing promoter in Thailand. To pass the time, he started the YouTube channel An American in Bangkok, a chronicle of his life as an expat in Thailand.

Viewers began asking questions, the majority having to do with relationships between farang, or foreigners, and Thai women, and he responded with his usual straightforward, unadulterated assessment of their situations. Ask Me Anything is composed of letters, e-mails, and personal messages from over three years of correspondence between Mallon and his viewers.

The stories are real; only the names have been changed to protect the clueless. Ranging from absurd to comical to tragic, the letters illustrate with brutal honesty the length some men will go in their quest to find true love.

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