Asset Protection: Pure Trust Organizations

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What can a Pure Trust Organization do for you?

1. Assets are protected 100% - #1 enemy in the world is litigation.

2. Protection from creditors.

3. Protection from liability suits.

4. Protection from malpractice suits.

5. Protection from employees.

6. Protection from personal bankruptcy.

7. Protection from excessive divorce settlements.

8. Avoids probate.

9. Avoids inheritance tax.

10. Avoids estate taxes.

11. Avoids court actions.

12. Eliminates attorney fees.

13. Eliminates or reduces Accountant fees.

14. Eliminates Executor's fees.

15. Eliminates or reduces Income taxes.

16. Frees tax dollars for capital appreciation.

17. Provides complete control over your assets through trustees.

18. No public record.

19. Ownership and title can be passed to heirs in complete secrecy.

20. Trust is perpetual - The Trust lives on continuously.

21. Heirs cannot change, challenge, or contest any wishes at you death.

22. The Trust is easy to maintain and very inexpensive.

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