Become the Maelstrom

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You are not your thoughts… “You” are the emptiness between your thoughts! You are the void, the alpha, and the omega! Your life is the dream of a sleeping god and all dreams may be made lucid. The objective of this book is not to wake you up and end the dream, but to instead help you awaken inside the dream. Awaken to the potential power that we all have as the god and devil of our own reality. This book details Thorne’s methods of Demon magick and black mysticism and is structured to help the novice to intermediate mage to understand what some consider the deepest dive into the fundamentals of magick and Black Mystical philosophy currently available to the public. This book is a distillation of what amounts to decades of experience and channeled wisdom from various supernatural sources, and the core truth of nondualism. Thorne’s philosophy has been described as the intersection of old forms of Zen, and left-hand path Luciferianism. Two seemingly incompatible ideologies, that in fact synergize perfectly. This book is a complete core system of agnostic/chaos magick that serves as the foundation for future books, containing the core philosophy, methodology, and pathworking needed to begin working with the Archetypal light bringer Lucifer and the 9 Goetic Kings. Together with the gnosis contained in this book, and the guidance of the powerful Goetic beings, you will learn how to throw aside the veil and manifest your will as an ascended avatar of the Maelstrom itself. This is a CORE system of magick, and all future works by D.H. Thorne will draw strongly upon the foundation of skills and experience this book will provide. This book is for mature and responsible adults only… Mind the shadows.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 255 pages

Publish Date: June 9, 2019