Black Woman By Birth Champion By Choice

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Black Woman By Birth Champion By Choice

Annotation: The black woman has been through it all the discrimination, the disrespect, the hatred, the shame, the pain, and everything that is unfair. Yet she rises, soaring on hard-won wings because that’s what women do. Champions are not born, they are made.

It is the black woman’s hardships and tough experiences that make her strong, resilient, persistent, and wise. Black Woman By Birth, Champion By Choice is a testament to the fire and faith of black women everywhere. It features a stirring collection of true stories from black women from all walks of life from impassioned, tenured educators to first leap entrepreneurs, and every destiny in between.

Each woman’s insightful and inspiring voice pushes every one of us to persevere and learn to be defined by our triumphs and not our trials. Each message is deeply personal and aptly captures the resilience, courage, and grace of the storytellers.

If you have lost your faith in miracles, this book will restore your belief in possibilities. If you’ve lost your drive to succeed, the stories will rekindle the fire within to pursue your passion.

Most of all, it will remind you of the choice that you must make, every day, to step boldly into your divine calling as the champion you are.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 200 pages

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