Block Party 666: Mark of the Beast Volume 1

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It's a Block Party reunion and Attorney Tony Austin is the glue, as he brings some of his old clients together to teach them how to elevate their game and clean their dirty money. In the midst of contemplating retirement, three of the biggest cases in Tony Austin's legal career fall into his lap.

These new cases can solidify him as the (undisputed) greatest attorney of the century - IF he can pull them off. If he fails, not only will his career be ended, but possibly his life! With his legendary flair, a courageous Tony rises to the challenge and puts it all on the line to cement his legacy. Skelter, Black Manson's prized soldier, pulls off the biggest score of her long criminal career. Unfortunately, unknown to her, she has just stolen from one of the biggest cartels in the Western hemisphere.

The Cartel turns up the heat (and the body count) on Skelter and her crew, wreaking havoc on the whole city to find her. By the time Skelter realizes her mistake, it's already too late as she's both feet in, ten toes down, in the biggest, bloodiest war she's ever had to fight. This war doesn't only affect her and her crew. Her entire city is turned into a battlefield.

The Infamous Black Manson and Smith engaged in a bloody street war with no clear winner in sight. Their street war now spills into prison when Baby Manson, Black Manson's son, is shipped to the same yard that Smith rules with an iron fist. Will the change of turf finally give Smith the upper hand, or will Baby Manson hold on to his "G" status, and live up to his father's name? Block Party 666 is money, murder, mayhem, and Government Conspiracies all wrapped into one fast-paced True 2 Life tale that continues to capture the tone of the streets like only Mr. Banks can. In the end, we learn all money is legal as we bear witness to the Mark of the Beast!

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 310 pages

Publish Date: October 10, 2019

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