Even Birds Are Chained To The Sky & Other Tales

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Even Birds Are Chained To The Sky and Other Tales is a collection of the winning stories from The Fine Line Short Story Prize. They are the stories of many lives, captured in a few pages in all their complexity, beauty, serenity, struggle, longing and peculiarity. Some are tales of joy and others woe; some tell of destructive lust and others slow-blooming love. They are lavish, restrained, fantastical and beguilingly everyday, drawing the reader into the lives their characters inhabit. Some are dark tales of violence, bleakness and betrayal, their imagery troubling and their characters brutal; while others are joyous, funny, whimsical and tender. Created by writers from America, Portugal, Italy, Scotland, Australia, Israel, England, Poland, India, Wales, Greece, Canada and Ireland, these stories will move, excite, horrify and entertain every reader who enters their worlds. Authors: Mackenzie Marcotte, Kate Horsley, Chris Hammer, Rebecca Rouillard, Jonathan Okwe-Pearson, Neil McIness, Kate St Vincent Vogl, Mark Boland, Jessica Barksdale Inclan, Agnieszka Dale, Ira Nayman, Helen Holmes, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Konstanina Sozou-Kyrkou, Laura Graham, Mary D\'Arcy, Zvi Eli Sella, Savita Kalhan, Sharda Dean, Renata Carey, Avril Joy, Maria Clara Paulino and John Leavitt