Fitness for Women: Best Butt Workout Exercises: Top 50 Butt Exercises: "Get the A** you've Always Wanted

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No more wondering which Booty exercises to do
So you want to learn which exercises to do to build the booty, but you don\'t know where to start. No worries this book contains 50 proven booty building exercises. I have you covered.
I have them broken down into 6 exercise types.

  • 1.Squats
  • 2.Lunges
  • 3.Deadlifts
  • 4.Hip-Thrusts
  • 5.Booty Building Machines
  • 6.Accessory Movements
Top 50 Booty Building exercises
These six booty building movements are broken down into my top 50 exercises. Each movement has many variations and accessory versions. Each movement plays a different role in glute development. I\'ve put together this book to help you find which exercises you need to put together the perfect glute workout.

Step by Step
Each core movement has been broken down step by step, and are easy to follow. Each exercise also has the breakdown of how this movement can help you, and where it may fit into your routine. I\'ve also linked helpful YouTube videos to show visually how all exercises are performed. You have no more reasons to be lazy, high five. Procrastinate no longer. Forget about the Starbucks coffee today. Make your own coffee and purchase this book instead. Just scroll up a little and click the Buy button.