Goetic Demons: New Theories on Demonic Magick

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Goetic Demons New Theories on Demonic Magick by Lucien Rofocale Everyone seems to think they know about demons, from either a Judeo-Christian point of view or from watching movie with evil creatures in them from The Prophecy movies to Charmed, but once you actually become truly interested in learning about them from a academic curiosity you find out then how little you know as I did. Lucien Rofocale\'s exploration into demonology, especially the Goetic demons is one such volume needed in any Gnostic or occultist library as is Necromancy: the forbidden Art, also from Dark Moon Press. The history of demonology, the stories of the Bibles King Solomon, and how to work with demons is covered here as well as a useful listing of both Goetic and Sumerian demons if you wish to follow up on the subject in more depth. Tread cautiously my reader, for you are about to be amazed, educated and enthralled as you turn these pages. Goetic Demons covers brief but highly fascinating topics such as: Revisioning the Goetia The Roots of Demonology King Solomon Angels and Demons The Goetic Tradition Working with the Demons What Answers the Call The Goetic Demons and Sumerian Demons

Binding / Paperback: 100 pages

Publish Date: August 22, 2011