Greenway Gorillaz

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Vi a young African American boy grew up too fast. Intrigued by the fast life and glamour his cousin Fly lived who was in the drug trade, his Uncle's Rome, Burlow and Chill were successful in the Street Lottery (Number Racketeering) business backed by two different Italian Family's. The car, money, Jewelry, women, and clothes had him captivated. The aurora and respect they obtained made Vi want to live as they did.

There was only one problem the Italian's they weren't in bed with wanted Chill and Rome dead and out of their territory because they were taking a great portion of their money and business. The brother's backing only went so far because of their race and a rogue family began to give the brother's trouble causing a war between the black's and Italian's. By now Vi was rolling with his uncle's at the age of thirteen, he had a strong group of young shooter's and Chill wanted Vi and his squad with him. Vi catch's a aggravated assault charge and Gun charge. while away Rome is killed by a black hit man sent by the rogue Italian's.

When Vi return from his juvenile incarceration he find out that his Uncle Rome had been killed and no one bothered to tell him. Not only did they not tell him but they laid Rome to rest while he was away. Vi feel's betrayed and hurt that his own family would do such a thing. He unleashes hell in Philly against the Italian's, their hitmen, anyone trying to hinder his objective and that may have had a hand in his uncle Rome's demise.
Victor L. Berry

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 192 pages

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