Gucci Red 3: A Louisville Love Story

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In part three of Gucci Red, not only has she blossomed into a young lady, but her stock has went up as well. \"Women are bosses too, if they play the game right,\" was just one of her mottos. With a hustler like Spade on her team, she was winning. However, just like her ex, Teddy, Spade had a few secrets from North Carolina that spilled onto the streets of Louisville, exposing him for who he really was. \"I\'m not slow, I\'m from the hood too, Spade. Dope boys, thugs, and savages gave me game before you were ever in the picture. I just had hoped you were different,\" Gucci Red said to herself. Just when she thought it couldn\'t possibly get worse, tragedy crept into her life with her family. For the first time, Gucci Red felt as though she had absolutely nothing or nobody to turn to. Who would save her now? Find out what happens as this saga comes to an end in Gucci Red 3.