I Got Nothing But Love for My Hitta 2

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Being in love with a hitta, you have to be prepared for the life they live. Is Leyanna really prepared to deal with being with Benji, even knowing the life he lives? While Trying to go to school and run the boutique both she and Chyna own, is she stretched pretty thin? On top of worrying about Benji\'s safety, she wants him to leave the game. Will Leyanna\'s request mean anything to Benji?Benji is in love with Leyanna and wants to put a ring on her finger. What happens when Leyanna doesn\'t want the same things that Benji wants? Being a hit man has been his life for as long as he could remember, is he willing to stop for Leyanna? Or will Benji be willing to let his Wiz go in order to continue being a hitta?Chyna feels like her heart is broken when she gets the call about Kash, dropping everything she goes and sits by his side fearing the worst. Will Kash make it? And will Chyna find out the secret he and Benji has been keeping from her sooner than later?Solace isn\'t going to sit back and let BMS ruin GB, he\'s ready for blood. When he uses an old friend of Leyanna to lure Chyna, in order to try to hurt Kash, he isn\'t prepared for Benji\'s wrath. Not everyone can live to say they lived after an encounter with Benji, but will Solace?Is Kash dead or alive? Left abandoned in the warehouse while Chyna is celebrating the birth of their son, Kash is shot by a figure in the shadows, was it Benji, JoJo or Solace?