King of the Trenches

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In the cold hearted, merciless streets of Brooklyn, New York, MAURICE "PAPERCHASE" WILLIAMS and his team of trigger-happy savages are on a money-making mission that promises to set the streets on fire. On their road to riches and prosperity, they leave a trail of destruction and chaos behind. How long will it take before they find themselves in the crosshairs of their enemy's gun?

OLIVIA SUAREZ is out to overpower and undermine every major dope boy in the city including the infamous Paperchase. When Olivia gets the young kingpin to fall hard for her, she implements the ulterior motive that she's had all along. How long can she deceive Paperchase before he realizes what she's up to?

Paperchase was raised by the gun and promises to hold the crown with an iron fist. But the city is hungry to crush him and his entire crew. Will he be able to withstand the swarm of enemy attacks? Or will he fall by the wayside as he strives to become THE KING OF THE TRENCHES?

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 204 pages

Publish Date: October 5, 2021