Lights Out

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It all started under the City Lights of Atlanta but now it’s Lights Out. Real, with his first lady Constance by his side was living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.
Just as things were looking up, it all came to a halt. Friends turned to foes and an all out Cartel war ensued.
The results were hard times in a down south Georgia prison and the death of a loved one. Now Real is released and back in the city with only one thing on his mind…REVENGE! With a list, Real hits the streets and hunts down those responsible, saving the Cartel bosses for last.
He sets his sites on B-Low, his one time right-hand man and now a major player in the game, who is going to be hard to touch. Cash, his other partner-in-crime turned snitch, sits next to B-Low on the list.
From Atlanta to Miami, Real leaves no stone unturned as he takes the city by storm, in search of the ultimate payback.


Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 240 pages

Publish Date: September 09, 2018