Lonely Traveller part 2

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Once a free man, now restless, tied down by a system he used to strive against. Bernardo has settled down with his family, and is confronted with new and tough realities. After going through an unusually rough spell, frustrated, and desperate to find relief, he turns his attention back inwards, towards his soul, and seeks a break via a renewed focus on spirituality. With the help of new friends, and his wise daughter Jasmine, his search takes him much further than he had ever imagined or hoped for.This novel brings to the reader all the dialogue, introspective soul-searching and deep communication, which they might expect from Sereno Sky. Through true-to-life experiences, fused with tangible magic, the reader is drawn into the role of Bernardo and his friends, reflecting over many issues which still matter to a generation that has yet to find its bearings. Besides pondering over some of the most fundamental questions of existence, Sereno takes the reader on an incredible journey of discovery and adventure, reminding us all that there is still much beauty to be found in this so often confusing world. This book does not provide answers, but escorts you on a magical journey you alone must take.Lonely Traveller (Part 2), first published in November 2016, is a continuation of the first novel by the same name, which was published by Swiss author Sereno Sky in June 2014.