Married to a Boss, Pregnant by My Ex

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STORM is jaw-dropping beautiful, sexy and smart. Her qualities make her a magnet for almost any man, but her heart just might belong to the wrong one. Will her undying love for the forbidden cause her more pain than pleasure?

GOTTI has secrets that run deep. When Storm discovers his deceitfulness, their unbreakable bond shatters and she must put the pieces to her life back together and stand on her own. Just as she\'s getting used to being single and independent, along comes DOMINIC, the prefect antidote for her heartache.

Dominic\'s love for Storm is genuine and true. He gives her the world on a silver platter, but can he protect her from the hatred that\'s brooding inside the man she left? Or will her past and present collide in a tragic calamity that leaves many lives in tatters?

Storm never imagined she would wear the dark cloud of being MARRIED TO A BOSS, PREGNANT BY MY EX. Nor did she realize the deadly consequences this might cause.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 168 pages

Publish Date: 28 March 2019