Pen Luv Part 4

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Rahmil and Chyna are back in the series finale of Pen Luv. This time, Chyna is the one in need of some lockdown love while Rahmil is on the outside rebuilding his life in the ministries. But when his estranged father and half-brother show up in the picture, things get a little messy. Set up for drug trafficking, Chyna is in an all women's prison trying to sdjust, but her exotic looks bring her unwelcome attention from every angle. So she devises a plan to get out before her time is up, but she needs help and everyone from the outside abandoned her when she got locked up. Malaysia, her younger sister, keeps in contact with her, but her life has changed dramatially as well. After running away from home, she was placed in foster care and adopted by a women who just wanted the money the government gave her for the teenager as well as whatever money Aysia brougfht in because in that house getting money by any means is the only rule. Find out what happens when Rahmil and Malik aka General's father moves up North and manipulate them both for his own selfish reasons. Will Chyna get her man back, or will she get turned out behind the wall? Will General pay for what he did to Rahmil's ex-girl? Will Rahmil, Malik, and his father finallt bond? All the answers will be revealed in this shoking finale that no ones will see coming.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 352 pages

Publish Date: November 15, 2016