Pretty Lips That Thugs Love 2

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Award-winning and best-selling urban fiction author Twyla T. has revved up the chaos in her second installment of Pretty Lips That Thugs Love series. Twyla T. intensely catapults the audience into the lives of Ashanti and Kentay as love, drama, and secrets unfold in droves. Kentay Mill adamantly claims Ashanti McNeal as his woman in more ways than one. However, his philandering ways always find its way to Ashanti\'s front door-literally when his baby is dropped off at the front door. Kentay has been the man in Ashanti\'s life for years, but his constant disrespect and unfaithfulness are pushing her into the arms of another man. And, the kicker is that it\'s just not any man, but his very own blood. Regardless of the situation, Kentay vows to keep Ashanti as his by any means necessary. He hates to lose and declares that he will win no matter what. Not trying to entertain the thought, he decides to take matters into his own hands and takes desperate measures to ensure that she will always be his. Ashanti is not feeling the love for Kentay that she used to feel. She knows that she is a good woman and has grown tired of his ill treatment of her. When she wasn\'t looking, Ashanti finds love in an unexpected place when it literally bumps into her by the name of Ahmad Jones. Their budding friendship develops into something more that neither of them could deny any longer. After watching Ahmad and his team win the NCAA Championship for his college Mississippi State University, Ahmad and Ashanti celebrate with a hot and passionate kiss on live TV that the world sees and she knows that there is no turning back. Ahmad and Ashanti enter new relationship territory and can\'t wait to explore their new found love. They are ready to deal and to tackle the fallout with Kentay in order to start their lives together, but they know it won\'t be easy. Just as things are looking up for the new couple, tragedy strikes that sends all of their lives in a tumultuous domino. Secrets will no longer remain secrets. No one will go unscathed as lives are turned upside and inside out. Lives will be changed. Relationships will be tried and tested. Pain is inevitable. Love still rules in the end. As darkness descends over the lives of Ashanti, Kentay, and Ahmad, will any of them find light at the end of the tunnel? Whose love will endure the torrent of disasters? Discover who will survive all of the hazy drama that is unrelenting and unlimited in the second installment of this urban fiction love story in Pretty Lips That Thugs Love 2