Pretty Lips That Thugs Love 3

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Award-winning and best-selling urban fiction author Twyla T. progresses with the pandemonium of ever changing twists, secrets, lies, and love in Pretty Lips That Thugs Love 3, the final book of the series. Ashanti McNeal finally walked away from the only relationship that she had ever known with Kentay Mills. However, Kentay vowed to never let his wife Ashanti go, especially to his brother Ahmad. But, is he fighting a losing battle? Despite Kentay’s protests, Ashanti has moved on with her life to delve in new beginnings with the only man who has shown her what true love is about, Ahmad Jones. Just when Ashanti and Ahmad thought their footings were on solid ground, life came blazing in a flash to interrupt their fresh start. Will the new couple’s life together end before it really had a chance to begin? Fate had a way of testing the new couple’s commitment and love to each other. Will the tests proved to be too much? Or, will Ahmad and Ashanti stand strong in their love for one another? Karma finally came crashing into Kentay Mills’ life and sent him to the place that he didn’t want to go, prison. However, his circumstances didn’t prevent him from hoping to see the outside world again. Kentay still behaved and acted like the boss that he was, even behind those prison walls. Due to negligence on behalf of the police department, Kentay received word that his sentence would be cut short. Unfortunately, an unexpected brawl sent him to the infirmary that led him to come face to face with his past. Kentay had no choice but to succumb to the shocking secret from his past. How will this new eye-opener affect him? Will Kentay become a changed man after his stint in prison? Or, will he continue down the same old path that led to heartache and destruction? Ashanti’s world is rocked upside down when lies and secrets are discovered. These revelations will undoubtedly have a crucial impact on her life. Can she still trust the people who were always supposed to be straightforward and honest with her? Kentay and Ashanti. Ashanti and Ahmad. Brother versus Brother. Revelation after revelation. Will the turmoil ever cease? Will love win in the end? Find out in this final installment of the Pretty Lips That Thugs Love.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 156 pages

Publish Date: May 17 2017