Pretty Lips That Thugs Love 4

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Love, relationships, twists, mystery, and slight suspense are amplified in this fourth and final installment of the Pretty Lips That Thugs Love series. Award winning, Author Twyla T left no stones unturned in this conclusion. This book shines the light on Kya and Slick's relationship while intertwining stories and updates about the rest of the crew. If it wasn't for bad luck, Kya wouldn't have any luck at all. For majority of her life, Kya Taylor has only known loneliness, hurt, and pain. Her main focus has been to survive by any means necessary. Love and happily ever after are foreign concepts to her, until she crossed paths with the one person who she feels like loves her as much as she loves him. Will his love be enough to love her past all of the pain and suffering she has endured? After a disastrous end to his first real relationship, Aaron Hudson, more commonly known to the streets as Slick, didn't allow that to stop him from finding love. He realized that he truly wanted more with his former lover Kya Taylor. After witnessing Kya going through so much, he let his feelings for her be known, and she happily returned them. Now, Slick has visions of getting out of the street game and starting fresh with a wife and children. Just when things are starting to get on solid footing for Kya and Slick, life has a way of interceding. Kya is experiencing bouts of being constantly watched by someone other than Slick. Maybe, she is just paranoid and her mind is just working overtime. On the flip side, the resurgent of a former jump off sends Slick's life into a complete tailspin, complete with unforeseen discoveries. It has the potential to derail everything that he is building with Kya. Take this final journey with Kya, Slick, and the crew as they travel life's curvy highway. At every turn they make, it seems like something or someone is always waiting to threaten their way of living. Check out who will prevail and see if love will win after it is all said and done in this impressive finale.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 156 pages

Publish Date: August 10, 2017