Suck Me Dry 2: Amari's Secret

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Tiffany finds herself in a bit of a situation as her business partner, Charles Vanderbelt shows her that she deserves much more than the loving Amari has to offer. Confused about the difference between love & lust, Tiffany fights every desire she\'s ever had to remain true and worthy of love. Meanwhile, Amari has a secret of his own. He knows that Tiffany is not sexually satisfied with him nor his old fashioned values, and decides to visit the best sex therapist in Atlanta, Ga.; non other than the sexy Dr. Lenese Stringfield (from the Dicmatized trilogy). He hopes to learn how to submit and change his sexual ways, but after giving his old college buddy the okay to test Tiffany, he\'s having second thoughts. Will he lose or gain everything? You will have to follow this series to find out! Thank you in advance for reading and please don\'t forget to leave your reviews!