The Teenager's Credit Guide

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Parents and Teens, This book is full of facts and reality about credit development in all its many facets. It is designed for a parent to help their teenager to start developing their credit from an early age, but also maybe learn something themselves. How to build it! How to understand it. How to maintain it! How to guard and protect it. But most importantly, how to RESPECT it as it will follow them the rest of their lives. It will affect everything you teenager will try to accomplish throughout his or her life. It will have a direct bearing on the financial outcome of their respective lives. Many teens do not even know how to start to build credit, let alone the common terms they will encounter as they grow older and credit becomes one of the most important areas of their adult life. Even simple terms such as interest rates, principal, FICO score, identity theft, etc. Knowing the lingo of the industry is half the battle and will provide them with a heads up on developing a fantastic credit score that will last a lifetime. This book will provide that and much more such as proven strategies and techniques. As parents we love our kids and teach them life, but a clear majority of parents and teens do not have the education in this most vital area. Credit literally effects everything, especially in this new digital world. So, how can we help our teens be successful without knowledge. Read this book, it provides in-depth insight from the author on how he assisted his young teenage son to develop a strong credit score while he was still in high school allowing him to buy his first car at age 19 with a low interest rate. The pride on his son’s face as he drove that new car off the car lot was the inspiration for this book! This book will affect and assist you in educating them on how they live their financial life, and thus grow wealth and stability over a lifetime of financially related transactions. The book also gives both parents and teens alike an insight into buying their first home, title, credit repair, and much more. Keep on helping them as you have since they first became part of your life! You need to order this book.

Binding / Paperback: 92 pages

Publish Date: July 23, 2018