The Ultimate Collection of Bible Trivia, Puzzles, and Facts

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Christians often struggle to feel familiar with their Bibles, recalling only well-known texts and characters rather than the whole story of the God they follow. But learning and reviewing facts about Bible characters, Bible history, and more can be a lighthearted, engaging endeavor. This collection of games and puzzles helps learners gain Bible knowledge through fun activities for small groups or individuals looking to continue learning and remembering a broad range of Bible facts.

The Ultimate Collection of Bible Trivia, Puzzles, and Facts uses the following tools to present Bible facts and Bible history in a fun and challenging way:

  • humorous questions
  • attention-grabbing quizzes
  • comical illustrations
  • word searches
  • funny fill-in-the blank stories
  • topics such as angels, famous people, and miracles
  • crossword puzzles
  • word scrambles
  • and much more

Gaining Bible knowledge is anything but “trivial” when it comes to following God. The activities in this book can be used as small group ice breakers, Bible study games, travel games, or fun individual study, always with the greater purpose of increasing Bible knowledge to know God better.

Binding / Paperback: 416 pages

Publish Date: 10 March 2020