Thugs Cry 2

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CJ is devastated when he comes home to find Tamika on the floor unconscious and leaking blood from several execution-style gunshot wounds. As he holds her in his arms tearfully begging God not to take her away, he already knows that if she dies he is going to turn Newark, New Jersey into a killing field. Raheem has just lost the love of his life to suicide and although he is grieving nothing can get in the way of him helping CJ go up against a foe as ruthless as any he has ever faced before. But when Raheem\'s loyalty collides with his Islamic faith, and the chance to love again presents itself, his principles get tested. Nard is not only out to dethrone CJ as Newark\'s drug king, he is death bent on annihilating CJ\'s whole team. This beef isn\'t about drugs, it\'s about a woman, and it\'s very personal. Young Nard shows that he can match CJ\'s gangsta body for body. When the smoke clears who will wear the crown as The Bricks supreme thug?