Twilight Nights

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In writing this book I felt a need to explain how important it isthat one knows himself/herself while growing up in life which asyou can see I didn't. That inner feeling that I kept getting wasthe enemy trying to put me in a position I could never come out of.It controlled me during most of my life. There were always signspointing to the right choices to make but when you are caught up inwhat you feel is the success of your life, you never pay attentionto those signs, you go with the flow of the moment. Twilight Nightshas a second part to it that will explain in detail thatrecognition of signs and how to respond to them so you are aware ofwho is leading you. It shouldn't take a life time to here yourcalling unless you've been transformed into one that has become apart of this world. Thank God he let me know I was not apart ofthis world just in this world and that's what saved me. This bookis a very interesting read and for those that just likeentertainment you will get a thrill out of this book but for thoselooking for something else there is a message in this message thatonly the spirit of God can reveal. The word of God says "we fightagainst principalities and wicked spirits in high places" Learn toknow God so you can stand against the wiles of the enemy and hisSpirit will guide you into his truth. ENJOY

Author: Paul D. Jones
Publisher: Xlibris
Published: September 12, 2012
Pages: 264
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.2 pounds
Size: 6 x 0.75 x 9 inches
ISBN13: 9781477139202
ISBN10: 1477139214
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