Twin Flames: : The Soul Journey Back to Oneness

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However you feel about your life, there is always room for love. If there\'s someone with whom you\'re already sharing your life, there\'s certainly room to make the connection deeper. Finding your twin flame isn\'t about trying to have the perfect life with the perfect person and it doesn\'t mean your current situation or relationship is lacking. With solid, real world analogies and a realistic perspective on today\'s relationships, Twin Flames: The Soul Journey Back to Oneness offers fresh ideas on how to find, keep and cherish your ideal partner. As you explore the meaning of Twin Flames and all the experiences that lead up to having the deepest of spiritual connections, you\'ll also find how to live up to your own potential. This journey will teach you how setbacks become stepping stones, failed relationships become sign posts that point to the person you were meant to be with and, most of all, the greatest gift you can give your soul is unconditional love. What You Will Learn From Reading Twin Flames -The difference between soul mates and Twin Flames -How to tell if someone is your Twin Flame -What the chances are of finding your Twin Flame -Can you find a partner first and then work on loving yourself -Do each of us only have one soul mate