Word Fill-In Puzzles: Fill In Puzzle Book, 210 Puzzles: Vol. 10

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Word Fill In Puzzle Books: Word Fill Ins, Word Fill In Puzzle Book For AdultsWord Fill-In puzzles unlike regular crossword puzzles come ready with answers. But that does not mean they are easy. All the words in this Word Fill In Puzzle Book need to be fitted in the 15 x 15 grid and there is only one unique solution and one way to do it.Deduction combined with logic and sharp use of the cognitive power will best do that, keeping the brain fit and conditioned.The 210 puzzles are hand crafted with interesting patterns. The words are in the range of 3 to 15 letters and will expose the solver to variety of vocabulary, abbreviations, phrases, nouns etc., sometimes, interestingly unknown words may require the use of a dictionary.Care has been taken and two puzzles per 8.5\" x 11\"page with large 15 x 15 grid and large fonts have been used for easy reading and enjoyment by senior citizens. The solutions are easily available at the rear. The Word Fill-In Book uses paper of good quality for repeated use of pencil and eraser.