Yolo: The Lovely Little Lunatic

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Yolo Jackson entered into the world feet first when she was snatched from the womb of her dead mother. After being saved by a caring nurse she was given a new lease on life. Being born from death you would think there was nowhere for her life to go but up. However the sickly baby survived only to be placed into the dangerous New York state foster care system where she was passed along from one dysfunctional foster home to the next. Things quickly went from bad to worse when she was placed at the Brown\'s residence, which also happened to be the town\'s brothel. At the Brown\'s the impressionable young girl witnessed every scandalous sex act imaginable along with brutal acts of violence as her foster parents waited for her to become of a ripe age to be sold. As fate would have it Yolo was saved from a life of prostitution when her foster mother died an untimely death. Upon the woman\'s death Yolo was then placed in the care of an aging gentleman who just happened to be a hitman for the notorious Black Mob. The elderly man took the young girl under his wing and starts grooming her to one day be his replacement. All young girls develop crushes and Yolo was no different with the exception that her crush wasn\'t a rapper or an actor. Instead Yolo had fallen for a methodical killer by the name of Killa and vowed to claim him as her own. Knowing that one day their paths would cross and they would meet she embarks on a murderous journey to impress him. The two indeed meet and when they do all hell breaks loose. Yolo takes you on a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish and it\'s ending will leave you speechless. So buckle up and prepare to take the ride of a lifetime with Yolo, the LOVELY LITTLE LUNATIC.